Welcome our newest Palmetto Club Members! A big thank you to all sponsors!


¨ Mr. Charles H. McDonald ~ Belser & Belser, P.A.

Sponsors:  Mr. H. Freeman Belser, Mr. Clinch H. Belser, Jr., Mr. E. Russell Jeter, Jr.

¨ Mr.  Kenneth H. Johnson ~ Ken Johnson Insurance

Sponsors: Mr. John “Jay” Pavlick, Mr. H. Freeman Belser, Mr. Robert W. Kennemur

¨ Ms. Tiffany Simmons ~ Better Way Properties, LLC

Sponsors: Mrs. Mary Lane Sloan, Mr. Robert W. Kennemur, Mr. H. Freeman Belser

¨  Mr. J. Parrish McCormack ~ TIAA-CREF/Nuveen

Sponsors: Mr. Michael M. Beal, Mr. Ned Johnson, Mr. Benjamin E. Nicholson, V 

¨ Mr. James V. Hicks, Jr. ~ SC Beverage Association

Sponsors: Mr. Michael E. Gunn, Mr. Mark Harmon, Mr. J. Randy Lee 

¨ Mr. Benjamin Covar ~ Merrill Lynch

Sponsors: Mr.  James  “Trey” D. Turner, III, Mr. Rozier Blanchard, Mr. E. Robertson Kibler

¨ Mr. Bartlett “Chip” Jones Witherspoon, V ~ Immigration Investment

Sponsors: Dr. Bart Witherspoon, Mr. Thomas R. Kibler, Mr. Crawford Prezioso

¨ Mr. James Edmunds Wilson ~ J.E. Wilson Advisors, LLC


¨ Mr. William Velasco ~ Merrill Lynch

Sponsors: Mr.  Michael Phemister Velasco, Mr. John F. McCabe, Mr. Josh D. Speed

¨ Mr. Daniel Townsend Dupree Porter ~ Invesco

Sponsors: Mr.  Thomas R. Kibler, Mr. Crawford Prezioso, Mr. Boyd Blanchard  



Membership has its privileges!

Members, did you know that we offer a great incentive for individuals who work for a non profit organization? This is one of several opportunities.  If you would like to learn more about this incentive and our other great incentive programs, please inform Cara Hardy, our Membership Director of any friends, coworkers, or peers that you feel would enhance membership at The Palmetto Club. Contact Cara Hardy at directorofmembership@palmettoclub.org

Join us for our complimentary Member Appreciation Happy Hour in the Tap Room on Wednesdays from 5:00-6:30p.m. Draft beers, select wines, house liquor, and light snacks. Guests of Members are always welcome!
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