Welcome Executive Chef Jason Palmer

On September 19, 2016 Executive Chef, Jason Palmer began employment at The Palmetto Club. Chef Palmer grew up in southern Maine. When he was fifteen years old he went to work for the Stage Neck Inn under Chef Lynn Pressey who was a Chef of the year in southern Maine. After graduating high school, Chef Palmer was accepted to the Art Institute of Colorado and graduated in 2000 with a Culinary Arts Degree.

Following college, Jason worked in Denver at the 4th Story Restaurant and Bar on top of The Tattered Cover under Chef David Steinman, who at that time was also Chef of the year. Upon Chef Steinman’s departure, Jason worked his way up to the Executive Sous Chef position.

Jason wanted the Executive Chef position and took over Dazzle, which is one of the top one-hundred jazz clubs in the country. He worked there for nearly two years then moved to the mountains of Colorado to work as the Executive Sous Chef for the Keystone Lodge for three years.

Jason then moved to Boulder, Colorado to work under entrepreneur, Radek Cerney who opened up L’Ateleir. Jason collaborated on a new venture with Radek Cerney on opening an additional restaurant.  At this time he met his wife Nicole Burkette who is originally from Columbia, and they married in Charleston, South Carolina and moved to New England. Starting a family and wanting to be close to her hometown they decided to move to South Carolina. Jason went to work for the Cotton Grill in the Lexington Old Mill’s great building.

Then he was promoted to work as Executive Chef for the Country Club of the South in Alpharetta, Georgia.  Jason decided to move his wife and son closer to family as his son was beginning to attend school.

Jason brought his family home to Lexington, South Carolina and connected with Mr. Jarrett and Mr. Farrell and began at The Palmetto Club. Jason is excited about the direction he has taken coming here, and is excited about what he can do with the menu and the concept behind us being a non-profit club. He likes the fact the money is invested into the building, the clubs, and the members rather than in the corporate pocket. He likes the team assembled in the back of house as well as the management led by Mr. Jarrett and Mr. Farrell.

Jason is ready to listen to members of the club and understand the types of cuisine that everyone likes, then tailor and design menu selections based on what members’ expectations are focused on. Jason’s philosophy stems on growing membership and including them in the process as he has already created a children’s menu titled, “Palmetto Club Future Members Menu”.

Jason has over twenty years of food and beverage experience versed in American, French, and Hispanic cuisine with Asian influences. We are excited to have Jason join us here at The Palmetto Club as such a talented Executive Chef, and cannot wait for our Members to experience his cuisine.

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