Reciprocal Clubs

As a Member of The Palmetto Club, you have the opportunity to enjoy reciprocal privileges at over 180 private city and country clubs located throughout the world. You can visit the Local Clubs page for information on reciprocal clubs in the Columbia, SC area. The National Clubs page has information on reciprocal clubs nation-wide. For International Clubs, please visit the International Associate Clubs website, and in addition to the International Associate Clubs view our listings INTERNATIONAL CLUBS.pdf.

Reservations and a letter of introduction are required at most Clubs, and are provided at your request by The Palmetto Club. Charges at most reciprocal Clubs, including food and beverage charges and golf and tennis fees, usually require payment upon departure. To use one of these clubs when you are  traveling, please call the Palmetto Club to have one of our staff make the arrangements. Alternatively, you can call the Reciprocal Club and make the reservation yourself; that club will ask you to request the Palmetto Club to send a communication introducing you, which the club will be delighted to do.  For specific Club procedures, please call the reciprocal Club directly.

To request a letter of introduction, call The Club at (803) 771-8767 during business hours or email us 

The Palmetto Club’s Reciprocal Club Highlights

Our newest addition to our reciprocal listing is The University Club of Chicago.Established in 1887 by university graduates who wanted a special place where they could enjoy intellectual pursuits, the University Club of Chicago was founded for the purpose of fostering an appreciation of literature and the arts. College or university graduation remains the basic requirement for membership, and within the membership nearly every business and profession is represented. Situated south of Chicago’s “Magnificent Mile” just across the street from Millennium Park at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Monroe Street with an incredible view of Lake Michigan.

The University Club of Chicago has among its stated goals, the promotion of literature and art. Works of art have been a permanent part of the University Club of Chicago from the opening of the present building in 1909. There are the stained-glass windows and decorations by the artist who created the Club's seal, one of finest muralists in early 20th century America, Frederic Clay Bartlett. Throughout the Club are many prints, paintings, manuscript pages, photographs, sculptures and ceramics that date from the 13th through 20th centuries. These pieces form the nucleus of an ever-growing collection. Frederic C. Bartlett, Roger Brown, Ed Paschke, Leon Golub, William Conger, Harry Callahan, Richard Hull are just a few of the notable masters whose works are on view through out the clubhouse.

Duration and Frequency of visits: The visit period shall not exceed two (2) weeks and the same person cannot visit more than once in any month or more than four (4) times in any consecutive 12 month period. Privileges accorded to a Reciprocal Member are the same as for a UCC member. Overnight Rooms Reservations may be made via the Club’s website: Contact Reservations: to receive an access code. 

In Columbia, the Palmetto Club always has an agreement with the Inn at USC for a special discount for our members. To use this, please have a member of our staff make the reservation. The Inn at USC, in the restored section, has some of the most distinctive rooms in Columbia, but the entire facility is a great place to stay for a weekend or to house out-of town

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